commercial fence companies denver

when the irs requires you to send in form 1099-misc

if during the calendar year you hired contractors in the course of running your trade or business, you may have to issue them a 1099-misc. the irs makes this requirement so that you remind folks

how to manage an ip portfolio

intellectual property ranges from patents and copyrights to branding, know-how, and trade secrets. assembling a portfolio to value, track, and protect your ip can improve your valuation, among

fire code bans use of barbecues on decks of apts. and

while head distiller and co-owner colin spoelman gives a tour of the 119-year-old facility, they talk about the illegal origins of the spirit, bringing kentucky moonshine to brooklyn, and how to make it in a diy distiller set up.

iraq photos: april 23 -- april 29

an iraqi boy moves through a gap between concrete blocks in what appears to be a part of the security barrier around the sunni arab quarter of azamiyah, in baghdad, iraq, tuesday, april 24, 2007.

fresno plane crash: 17-year-old steals plane in california

a 17-year-old girl attempted to steal a small plane at a fresno, california, airport wednesday morning before crashing it into a building and a fence, officials said. no one was injured during the

the dark side of backyard chickens

living where i do denver, where a lot of people feed their dogs seven trust diets with lots of offal , it would be no big effort to simply provide people with 'spent hens' and young roosters for their dogs' diets if you couldn't eat them yourself. i think the dark side in this article is strictly for people who might get squeamish about making the hard decisions about life and death for their chickens.

the mystical world of data center fire suppression

in addition to these traditional systems, some companies have released what they call fire prevention systems. these proactive approaches reduce the normal amount of oxygen in the data center

super bowl commercials 2019: watch the ads from super bowl

'free' is the operative word in this ad for the travel company, not just about the free stuff you get when you buy a ticket, but freedom from the drudgery of a cruise - like stepping off the boat

a critter-free garden

a fence around a garden will only be effective against them if it reaches close to 10 feet. scent is a better barrier. deer have a strong sense of smell and this can be used against them.

parents unite against dumb school fundraisers

what's worse, many of these companies visit the school and pull the kids out of class for a 'presentation' detailing the prizes kids can win if they're top sellers. wertheim once bought $42 worth

the 'tom sawyer' strategy: how to get free labor

many commercial organizations decrease their costs by getting labor-and in a few cases, material-for nothing. one noteworthy example is the huffington post, a company recently acquired for

pelosi's speaker shuttle: the inside story

pelosi's office says she travels far more frequently on commercial airlines than she does on the speaker shuttle. critics like fitton say if the speaker truly does need special security to and

the best way to handle customers who don't pay

if the company is having a temporary problem and you go after it with sharpened claws, that relationship will never be the same, if there is any relationship left at all. so be sure you are fine

super bowl 2019 commercials: the best ads aired during

it's become customary for companies to release their super bowl ads online prior to their actual airing during the game, in recent years. while some may argue that leads to anti-climactic viewing

private eyes in the sky

'that's where our troops would live in eight-man tents. it's very distinct, with a little security fencing around it. for an adversary trying to plan an attack on this base, that could be very