bench around fire pit

code name: s.t.e.a.m.

fire the grenade to attack the hound lurking around the bend, then turn john back around to finish off the hound you ignored earlier. note the digital boards on the right. after moving john 1 space left and 1 space forward, bring henry ahead and have him stop next to the undamaged wooden s.t.e.a.m. crate with 3 steam left. attack the slasher on the left that has its weak point exposed, then


now speak to malroth, then the other prisoners. when you get the book, go place it on the table. the skeleton won't let you through, so you have to jump on the rocks of the mountain to get around him and the gate by going behind the watchtower, so do it and go place the book. now return to your bench.

lego city undercover

find these benches scattered around lego city to take a well-deserved joe break and get a gold brick. ===== 4b. police station = ===== the lego city police station is the center of action for chase. he can check out his current progress on the main computer on the main floor, or go upstairs and watch any of the cutscenes. going down to the basement allows chase to purchase disguises basically

detours and revisits

when you land, check the small simple chair near what looks like the remains of a fire to get the secluded sanctuary force echo. when you have it, turn around to face the narrow corridor again. run along it headed back the other way and stay as high as possible. partway through, you'll run out of grooved wall to run on. jump to the vine in the

the sims 2: castaway

now press the triangle 3 times to return to original screen. now walk over to the fire pit and choose 'build pit' then choose 'light fire.' a word about fire you have a few choices when you walk up to the fire pit, so allow me to explain them: collect ash you will want to do this as you can later use it to make a garden. cook meal

lego harry potter: years 1-4

blast all the stuff off of the big barrel to get the arm. kill the pixie left of the cauldron with immobilus, then carry the spout he had to the barrel below the chain. the fang is in the pit where the fire was. continue below the pit and blast all the debris on the left side, freeing the flower. pull the chain and go through the gate to go to

black mesa

put the lobby's two first aid kits on the floor next to the right side of that door. when you find an WPC battery on a small bench later on, return to the lobby and use its hev charger if your WPC is less than 100, then go get the battery and drop it next to the two first aid kits. --- section bm c2a4g --- your lobby ambush preparations


fire a few grenades over to the other missile launcher and work your way around to destroy the last gun turret in the opposite corner. check the hole in the wall to the south east to collect more items. now head to the other corner and cl through the vent to reach another room. watch out for the security camera as you cl in so you don't set off the alarm. you can hack it by jumping while

treasure hunts

one of them is on a bench just north-ish of the fire. another one is right next to the fire. one of them is inside the main structure. another one is on the lookout structure next to the main building. the last one is on the wooden ledge overlooking the fire. once you have all the bodies in the pit, ignite it to open the stash. go with the flow

syberia 3

with the resin in place swing the view around to the back and install the proper smoke shapers in each stack, taking this reversal of order into account, and close the pipes. open the fire box in the front again and with the damper on the far left open, to keep it burning, light the fire with the lighter. open each of the four pipes dampers

lego harry potter collection

zap the thing in the mandrake pot and plant mandrake. zap the thing again and it will knock over the barrel of fish. feed to buckbeak, this will get parts to build a fire pit. feed buckbeak and use axe to cut chains. crest 3: use red to open cage. a2: to get to the upper lake, fill the pit with water by build a raincloud. move the frogs and dig

james bond 007: agent under fire

wait for a guard to the left to get out of view. then run that way into the terminal. shoot the guard by the button. do not press the button this activates the lasers. and if you trip it then the sentry guns are activated. get the verification card on the bench. fire on the three black suited guards then turn your attention to the haz-mat

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

so when using a blaster, you also need to watch for incoming fire and move around accordingly to avoid it. fortunately, some blaster-slinging characters can dodge incoming shots by pressing square just before the shot hits. of course, you want to find out if your character has this ability before you try it out in a life-or-death situation. most blaster users also possess a melee attack

call of duty: world at war

and a third enemy runs after you once they are dead. but we're not moving down this right path, there was a mortar we missed. so go back and there are many random ways to go about this. first is to toss smoke into the pit, run in with fire blazing, and hide in the alcove on the left. then you just hope that peeking down the middle hole you don