dustbin with no ashtray on top

how to customize your windows 8 desktop

how to customize your windows 8 desktop. the desktop in the windows 8 beta offers no start button and a few shortcuts. how can you easily populate it with your favorite programs?


minibin is a free recycling bin for your windows system tray, also known as the notification area. it lets you open or empty the recycle bin from the system tray, or drag and drop items into it.

keep your roomba running in tip-top shape

keep your roomba running in tip-top shape. follow these maintenance tips to keep your roomba running at peak performance and have a little fun disassembling its parts .

phela lyrics, music, news and biography metrolyrics

phela top song lyrics, albums and similar artists overview. find top song lyrics from phela find top song lyrics from phela phela lyrics, music, news and biography metrolyrics

how do i restore the recycle bin to the desktop in windows

however, for windows xp users there is no simple way to add back the recycle bin to the desktop. they have to resort to a windows registry file edit. in this how do i blog post, you will find out

recycle bin for android

this app works exactly like the recycle bin on your computer. the recovery bin is activated and deactivated by pressing the play button. once activated, any file you delete will appear in bin for

missing the recycle bin icon

hello, i am running windows xp professional and can't find the icon for the recycle bin. i did the search on this site and found that about the only way to restore the icon was to use tweak ui.

see how control's incredible ashtray maze was created

remedy entertainment's control is a game that stokes curiosity, upends expectations, and--at almost every turn--inspires awe. nowhere is this most apparent than in the ashtray maze, an area of the

x campn goes viral to fight texting while driving

getting people to use x and put down their phones in the car is part of at and t's campn 'it can wait,' whose goal is to discourage people from texting while driving, a dangerous distraction

mammograms for women ages 50 to 74 may not be needed every

a new study shows that women between the ages of 50 to 74 that get mammography screenings every two years may be at no more risk for advanced-stage breast cancer and at a lower risk for false

led lcd backlights explained

top and bottom as you can guess, this design has leds on the top and bottom edges of the screen. the local dimming here is a little better, where the zones can be slightly smaller areas of the

my desktop icons are frozen

my icons on my desktop are frozen; i cannot move any icons to any place on my desktop, including moving them into the trash bin, or moving them into another fol

how to keep email from disappearing on your android device

the most often asked question i get is how to prevent email from disappearing on android devices. this question can be tricky, depending on the type of email service is involved.


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mr. bungle

lyrics to 'pink cigarette' by mr. bungle: hush me, touch me perfume, the wind and the leaves hush me, touch me the burns, the holes in the sheets i'm hoping the smoke

bill clinton: 'i could have killed' osama bin laden

60 minutes presents: killing bin laden 'i'm just saying, you know, if i were osama bin laden - he's a very smart guy, i've spent a lot of time thinking about him - and i nearly got him once,' said

7 tricks to free up space on your iphone

when you start running short on space on your iphone, you can start deleting apps and offloading photos and videos to free up space or you can expand your storage.you can also try to trick your

michael morell apologizes to colin powell about cia pre

among his claims, he says bin laden was already being held captive by the pakistan's isi intelligence agency in the abbottabad compound and that pakistan's top senior officials knew of the raid