particle board roof decking

devil may cry

an even better idea is to confer with the people of the gamefaqs message boards. if you can't find help there, you probably won't be able to find help anywhere. this guide offers a perfect solution to your devil may cry needs in a span of 5 sections. the format took a few hours worth of scrapping and minting of ideas. please show that you respect this guide by not doing anything dirty with it

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

hagrid really helps harry and the gang with advice and knowledge. he was accused of letting the basilisk in hogwarts which caused him to lose his wand. draco malfoy a real punk. draco is a slytherin and favorite of snape. he hates every particle of harry and will do anything to get him, ron, or hermione humiliated. crabbe and goyle these are

dark sector

there is also an electricity generator hanging down from the roof at the far end of the church the end you should be on , which you can use as well. the colossus will start the fight by jumping from one of the four pillars to another throwing a chunk of rock at you each time. your goal here is to charge up the glaive with either fire or electricy to fry his WPC off and end him tumbling to


next climb up the middle, destroy crates, take the particle beam and kill the guards on the bridge. you can now go left or right, it makes no difference which way you choose. kill the guards and jump onto the highwire. destroy the flying craft and the guard on the next roof. jump onto the next highwire and down onto the next roof. kill the

mass effect 3

check your private messages to start n7: cerberus lab and priority: eden prime . head to the third floor, crew deck, and into the life support area to find model - destiny ascension . you can also speak with dr. chakwas and liara for some reputation increase. if you got diana allers on the ship a short conversation with her earns two more reputation, she is on the fourth floor along with

star ocean: first departure

heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a consequence of the wave- particle duality of nature. meaning light can be perceived as both a particle, that is a photon, or a wave it simply states that one cannot be sure of both the position and momentum of a subatomic particle at any given time. if we were to measure the position, the very act of

shuttle endeavour rockets into orbit on its final flight

shuttle endeavour rockets into orbit on its final flight. knifing through low clouds, the shuttle endeavour streaked into orbit monday after a two-week delay, kicking off the orbiter's 25th and

marvel: ultimate alliance

i have no idea who originally developed this strategy for the arcade mode achievements but there is a very easy way to get them without ever logging onto xbox live. the following concept was found on the gamefaqs message boards but unfortunately the person that originally provided the information is unknown to me. start a game and play to the

chapter 12

adamanchelid is a monster you've definitely seen before, but it's not unlikely that this is your first time actually fighting one. it's the mark of cie'th stone mission 33, which you may or may not have done depending on your approach to sidequests when you were down on gran such, it's not a 'boss' per se, but it can be very scary your first time through the game, even moreso with

perfect dark zero

keep going forward and down until you run into a laser grid. fire your primary weapon at the circuit boards behind the grates to the left and right of the laser grid and continue onward and downward. the next laser grid's controlling circuit is in the ceiling of its passage, back near the last vertical section. after that, drop down, fly over to the big glowing column and hit the right bumper