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for fighting mildew, try its stain and odor eliminator, which uses live enzymes to break down nasty smells and molds (i.e. it’s just as effective on living room carpets as it is on wine-stained tablecloths and smelly kitchen linens). you can buy it in smaller sizes, but if you have the storage space, may as well stock up.

zinsser add-2 prevent mildew mildewcide additive product

prevent mold and mildew in moisture-prone areas with rust-oleum zinsser add-2 prevent mildew mildewcide additive. simply mix this easy-to-blend formula into paint, stain or wallpaper adhesive to infuse that coating with long-term mold/mildew protection.

mold on plastic cutting board - cookware - cutting board

if you think there are many knife marks on the cutting board, then may be it is time to throw it away. a new plastic cutting board is easier to clean than a wood board, but as time goes on, an aged plastic board becomes more difficult to clean and residues can trapped in the heavily knife grooved marks.

m-1 advanced mildew treatment sherwinwilliams

registered by epa to inhibit mildew, mold and algae on dry film for use in all interior/exterior latex, water based, oil and solvent based paints, stains, coatings and adhesives clear product with no separation, extremely thin viscosity

mold and mildew and insect prevention - paint additives

get free 2-day shipping on qualified mold and mildew and insect prevention, paint additives products or buy paint department products today with buy online pick up in store.

mildew - sherwin-williams

test for mildew by applying a few drops of household bleach to the area, if it is bleached away, the discoloration is probably mildew; if it does not disappear, it is probably dirt. before painting, remove mildew by washing the surface with a solution of 1 part liquid bleach and 3 parts water. apply the solution and scrub the mildewed area.

damprid mildew stain remover plus blocker - ewg's "hall of

damprid mildew stain remover plus blocker it may contain up to 10 percent of a hazardous solvent called 2-butoxyethanol. canada caps this chemical's use in non-aerosol cleaners at 6 percent.

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