seconds in fencing panels in hong kong

confessions of a smartphone thief

almost 2 billion people around the world use smartphones -- typically worth hundreds of dollars a pop on the black market. a former smartphone thief explains their allure to street criminals.

command and conquer: generals

opinion: in hong kong, it is a crowded city. gattling weapons can be useful here, as lots of infantry will be sent by the enemy. in the general's window, select: -red guard training. -artillery barage. -emergency repair. build a command centre with the first dozer and a nuclear reactor with the second. the only space available is in the soccer

your culinary rosebud

later, from when i was about eight until i was 35, the house of lee on sunset became my second favourite chinese restaurant. it was the second chinese restaurant i'd eaten at and i kept comparing it to hong kong kitchen. ya know what, it was better then, i lost interest in greasy chinese food and switched over to lighter chinese food so it is

the great l.l. bean duck boot shortage

it's at least the second year that l.l. bean has been struggling to keep up with demand for the classic boot, which debuted in 1912 when founder leon leonwood bean created a half-rubber, half

fear effect

saving is possible by the hi-tech flying machine's nose; take the game up on its offer. use the panel nearby to raise the helipad up a bit and enter the second area. it's also recommended newcomers get the feeling of the controls here while it's safe to do so outer walkway \ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ items: pistol ammo 2

any shrimp with lobster sauce chinese takeout fans

i eat it as a soup, but have been known to dip fork-fulls of rice into it. i love - love - love this dish, even if it's mediocre. what you must understand is i've been a partner in three chinese restaurants and i've had some of the best shrimp in lobster sauce one can have and not be in china.

white house intruder prompts secret service critics to

'never before has an intruder on the grounds managed to enter the white house itself,' said ronald kessler, author of a recent book that is very critical of the secret service.

shadowrun: dragonfall

stay away from the obvious yellow barrel to the right though the second turn will likely have a goon coming in from the right and a goon coming in from the top oddly enough, there are two goons in the top room but one likes to stay up there for some reason . the second round you can likley take out two enemies, but focus on one if needed. you

ice skating

2014 was a year filled with memorable moments in sports. here are some of our favorite moments of the year. seattle seahawks malcom smith makes an angel in the confetti after his team defeated the

deus ex

if you can only get one, go into the hatch under the desk to the left of the button. drop down to the second ledge and follow the shaft into the small room. run for the exit. when you get to the elevator, push the button and jump in. push the down button and away you go. you'll arrive in the hong kong market. go strht ahead until you're at

hitman: codename 47

from here onwards, you have successfully completed the hong kong mission. congratulations ----- \\\\\ columbia \\\\\ now this is a all new mission. just like what you do in hong kong, here in columbia you have to complete 2 missions inorder to reach the main one. here is a new job from the agency in which you have to take out a drug lord

deus ex: the conspiracy

submitted by diablogamer and cloud vs sephiroth ----- secret shaft in elevator ----- the second i found is in hong kong, the tonochi road wanchai district where maggie chow's hotel is . go to the elevator that brings you to jock's apartment. it's on the opposite side of where the queens tower is. now let the elevator go upstairs, without you

deus ex

tracer also tells you that your time in hong kong is nearing its end, because gunther has been on a witch-hunt to find you and staying would put the triads in danger. head out to the courtyard and get into the helicopter to leave hong kong and revisit hell's kitchen - the old neighborhood has been through a lot of revamping. 010.0 - hell's

'heartless government': hong kong protest leaders to

hong kong -- three founders of hong kong's pro-democracy protest movement called tuesday for an end to street demonstrations to prevent more violence and take the campn to a new stage, but it


paper hand prints painted red as a protest against bullfighting are seen at the site of a demonstration at the entrance of the mexico city legislative assembly, sept. 25, 2014. animal rights


each target panel = -2 seconds. your first line of business is to run a fire ring obstacle course. you must complete it in a certain amount of time to earn a medal. along the way there will be some targets that can can take 2 seconds off of your total time. time your shots carefully to hit them. at the end, here is the medal listings. gold = 0

cops: man climbed fence at phoenix airport, ran to plane

phoenix - a man was arrested wednesday after climbing a fence at the phoenix airport on christmas day and running out to a plane that had just landed, police said thursday.