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battle wager: a bet placed on a robo battle. betting on robo battles in any form is illegal. bogey's cafe: a dodgy cafe owned by the equally dodgy bogey. ernest, chief of the steel hearts, is a regular customer, often seen with a nice cup of really warm tea and a notebook full of poetry. bounty hunter: a freelance mercenary who hunts criminals

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desann respect thread by fated xtasy september 24, 2017 12 comments hello, and welcome to the largest collection of quotes and accolades ever gathered for the dark jedi; respect the master of the

tales of phantasia

if you have any flare bottles, make sure to use one of them to increase damage output. both fighters may be able to land a stunning blow, so keep hp at a decent level if y'want to get out alive. speaking of which, losing doesn't give a game over -- that extra cash'll be good spending money, though. make sure to use a magic lens on this one

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this is also the the first stalker game where chimeras can climb ladders vertically. utter surprise to me. i was dumbfounded. ; good thing i saw them from afar and took them out from a distance.

fury of firestorm annual 3

the statue of liberty is caught in a fight between firestorm and pirates on the run. professor stein and ronnie study the nature and limits of their powers and abilities.

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by wolfrazer march 11, 2017 32 comments. so here's yet another star wars blog, obviously legends. this here will be more an overall general look at the inquisitorius as a whole rather than a

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i created a composite and added my own technique to them, for example, by combining the ravenholm roof trick to a modified ravenholm with dog's ball tactic i provide a somewhat different approach to the chapter. 1.1 mouse up till 6/18/16 i had been using my 4 yr. old logitech m510 and for the most part it was a fine mouse. however, i began experiencing problems with it and my 7 yr old ms

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joruus c'baoth respect thread by zapan871 january 14, 2017 13 comments respect joruus c'baoth: i'd also recommend switching to blog format for the best viewing quality.. power/knowledge. joruus

cav aurra sing banthabot vs an'ya kuro fated xtasy

we have got an interesting one for you today teacher vs student, assassin vs renegade, bounty hunter vs jedi aurra sing defended by banthabot. vs. an'ya kuro defended by fated xtasy. rules

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now mobile game landscape has changed a lot since i started out this journey back in 2011. there are now a lot of quality games in the app store, including a franchise release that partia games are inspired by. i realized a few years ago i no longer served any good value to customers who were looking for a little srpg experience on mobile. as i

wasteland 2: director's cut for pc reviews

metacritic game reviews, wasteland 2: director's cut for pc, deck out your ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone, test the limits of your strategy skills, and

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she gagged, recoiled, one good eye wide with pain and confusion, as vader maintained his mental hold on his spinning blade, cutting her apart from the inside out. desperately, instinctively, she

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by zapan871 april 22, 2017 86 comments. this respect thread for canon vader was simply made with the purpose of making more room to add new accolades and feats from both continuities for all my

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the deck of many things dlc adds a new merchant vessel that sails the high the deadfire archipelago. laden with exotic items from across the far corners of eora, the deck of many things is open for business, but enterprising buccaneers can try to take the ship's bounty by force. included in this dlc: * adds a new npc ship 'the deck of many

asus a33 review: asus a33

it looks more like the control deck of a airbus a380 than a pc, but that's a good thing, honestly. it has component, composite, s-video and hdmi video output ports, but no dvi or d-sub video