wood extrusions fencing decking and veranda systems

assassin's creed iv: black flag

make your way between each of the first three ships and save the pirates on the decks. on the final ship, clear out the deck of the ship and use the hatch to enter the hold of the ship. once inside, move up to the wall directly in front of you and peek around the corner. whistle the guard over when he is in range and deal with him from the

metal gear 2: solid snake

snake destroys metal gear, and faces the true enemy, big boss, his commanding officer in a climactic battle, snake prevails and outer heaven is destroyed. metal gear was ported to many systems, the most popular of which is the nintendo entertainment system. it also came out for the ibm pc and the commodore 64. in 1990, metal gear 2: solid

luigi's mansion: dark moon

the boo takes a dive downward--wonderful. immediately turn left and grab the gem underneath the wood paneling. vacuum up the snow to reveal another icy lake. use your darklight on the back wall: a portrait should be plainly obvious. use your darklight again to free the blue toad. he's a little too, um, happy. under the ice

lost kingdoms ii

the last piece is in the veranda of the building to the north of the crossroads at the entrance ----- sol's gift in the upper runestone caverns: ----- sol will give you a stone golem when you talk to him. ----- fountain in horgozh town: ----- find the fountain key on a corpse by the statue in the northeast corner. go to the fountain mechanism

far cry 4

the mortar operator on the main buildings upper veranda can be a real threat if you are detected. the defenders oftentimes re- man it if you kill the operator. there are two guards and a guard dog near the poppy field under the east cliffs. lure one of them behind the shack with a stone and put him down. then take out the other one. if you cant get a bead on the guard dog, toss a hunk of

the legend of zelda: a link to the past / four swords

the system was certainly far from perfect; i think if the title had come farther along in the systems life, once nintendo had had more of a chance to test total touch control with other properties, it would have been a lot better. as it is, despite a few grating issues, the overall result is not bad at all. its kinda cool, moving link


follow up the scrounging by hopping into that building's boarded-up 2f, which has a safe-held jewel box 2626/3623 ; 3f has hemlock essence 2646/3623 . kittie-corner to this building, and connected by the same street-spanning vent system, is a 4f flat overlooking sokolov's mansion. snag the locker's coins 2668/3623 and prepare to infiltrate

forbidden siren 2

getting there is your biggest problem, but even that's not really that big a deal. you have smoke candles, sightjacking skills and your wits. you can do it. also, if you dislike the ground level entrances for some reason, you can use the car to drive up to the a-building's veranda and climb in that way. hard note: you will get sniped by a b

far cry 3

after the short scene, exit the door and climb up the stack of wood opposite to get into the next building. duck out the door to the right and enter the row of plants nearby to hide. again, throw a rock where directed to get rid of the guard and follow grant through the opening. follow grant though the next structure and down in the trench to cl beneath the platforms and out of the camp